Less plastic,more floral happiness

Less plastic,more floral happiness

Less plastic leads to more floral happiness

Using less plastic throughout the entire supply chain: that’s one of our three sustainable themes. Our entire team, as well as our partners, strive to achieve this ambition every day. We started taking stock, measuring and recording how much plastic we were using back in 2018, and today, we’re working on permanent solutions to do what we set out to achieve: reduce the amount of plastic we use. It’s been an intensive but valuable journey so far!

Here’s how we’re going about it

By using thinner plastic — and as little plastic as possible altogether — we’ve already been able to take significant steps towards realising this objective. To name just a few examples, we’re incorporating 15% less plastic in our flower sleeves, and we’ve been able to reduce our use of plastic tray inserts by no less than 32%. Of course, our efforts don’t stop there. Other examples include an innovative orchid sleeve made of 50% recycled plastic that’s currently out on the shelves. For another type of orchid, we’ve been able to do away with plastic altogether. Together with our partners, we’re always on the lookout for the best possible solution for our product, our clients and our planet.

We grow green together

Thanks to the use of more sustainable natural resources and raw materials, we’re able to offer green alternatives to our traditional packaging products more and more often. Last but not least: we wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without our team of highly motivated colleagues, who are allowing us to keep innovating and growing as an organisation — and that, after all, is the main goal we’re aiming for.