Over 50 years of experience

Over 50 years of experience

We are Van Dijk Flora

Van Dijk Flora has been a leading supplier of flowers and plants for over 50 years. Our strength lies in the way in which we bring different parties in the floriculture sector together and use our expertise to offer complete solutions to our clients, day after day. We act as the connecting factor within the complex process of supply and demand in floriculture. On the one hand, we make sure that our clients have an adequate supply of flowers and plants on their retail shelves in over 30 European countries. On the other hand, we offer our partners the opportunity to supply large volumes to international discount retailers.

From family business to international organisation

In 1972, just over 50 years ago, the Van Dijk family established the “Van Dijk Flora” family business. They did so alongside their existing business, Van Dijk Delft, through which they supplied fruit and vegetables. The Van Dijk family decided to start offering flowers and plants to their existing customers in addition to fruit and vegetables. They decided to expand their product range under a different trading name, in other words, and that soon proved to be the right move!

Today, Van Dijk Flora is a leading supplier within the floriculture sector. Over the course of five decades, the former family business has transformed itself into the ultimate specialist in supplying flowers and plants to discount retailers in over 30 European countries. Offering a complete range of top-quality products, bringing together clients and partners on a daily basis is what comes first.

Together we move forward

As a business that can always be counted on to show commitment and transparency in any part of the supply chain, Van Dijk Flora operates as a reliable and professional partner for clients and suppliers. Over the years, this has enabled us to build successful relationships in which blind trust has become a given. Doing so requires teamwork throughout the entire process, as well as the flexibility to move quickly and short lines of communication. After all, Van Dijk Flora is not just made up of the staff at our offices; the hundreds of partners we are in touch with every day also make us what we are. Only together, and by acting decisively, can we take the steps needed to supply the entire chain with the right level of quality.

Van Dijk Flora as a part of Dutch Flower Group

Ever since 2007, Van Dijk Flora has been part of the Dutch Flower Group: a unique family of more than 30 specialist trading companies who together serve the entire international floriculture supply chain. With more than 3,000 employees, we all work together as a family to create a colourful world. Every week, 75 million individual flowers and 15 million plants find their way to consumers in over 100 countries. That makes Dutch Flower Group the largest player in the global floriculture sector. Want to find out more about Dutch Flower Group? Visit the Dutch Flower Group website.