Working together for a greener future

Working together for a greener future


We are driven by nature's beauty

Our strategy in terms of sustainability

To keep developing ourselves within the limits of our planet and the natural resources it offers: that’s the challenge the supply chain faces over the coming years. Van Dijk Flora strongly believes that through sustainable solutions, our innovative horticulture sector is all set to allow everyone to share in the joy and energy that flowers and plants bring. That’s what we and our partners are working towards every day.

We believe it is important for processes throughout the entire supply chain to be as green as possible. Together with our partners, we’re looking for the best way to reduce our footprint, such as limiting the negative impact of cultivation, or smart packaging and transport of floriculture products. We’re exploring solutions that enable us to reduce our consumption of energy, crop protection products, packaging and water. But that’s not all: we’re also contributing to a greener future by finding new ways to repurpose waste flows and by building sustainable partnerships.

Respect for nature, focus on people

We believe that we have a responsibility toward society, and that we must lead by example in our sector. As we want to deal with out planet in a responsible way, we think about pressing issues around the world so that we can adapt our processes accordingly.

Three themes

In 2018, we sat down with our partners, suppliers and other stakeholders to formulate three focal points for our sustainable efforts in concrete, tangible and clear terms. With these themes, we believe we can make a difference in the supply chain.

Circular economy

  • Reducing plastics

  • Biodiversity

Reducing carbon emissions

  • Reducing carbon emissions