We are working to reduce carbon emissions

We are working to reduce carbon emissions

A fully carbon-neutral future?

That brings us to our third and final sustainable theme: working to reduce carbon emissions. To do so, the first thing we are doing is looking at what we can do ourselves. Our modern office block on Trade Parc is heated using residual heat, and the electricity we use is 100% green. Our employees are also increasingly using electric or hybrid vehicles, and we encourage everyone to cycle to and from the office as much as possible.

That must mean we’re getting closer and closer to zero carbon, right? Of course, but however much we would like to, we’ve not yet been able to cut down on carbon altogether in our operations. That said, our efforts to further reduce our emissions continue on a daily basis.

Reducing carbon emissions outside the office

Our offices are only the source of a small share of emissions within our supply chain. In fact, it’s much more important to look at the processes that are happening outside of Van Dijk Flora. That includes the ways in which our partners grow their flowers and plants, the production of packaging materials, and last but by no means least: transport. Over the coming years, we will be working together with our DFG sister companies to create a clearer picture of the carbon emissions we generate and find ways to reduce them.