We are driven to bring floral happiness

We are driven to bring floral happiness


We want everyone to enjoy floral happiness

Floral happiness is the ultimate goal we’re aiming for. We strongly believe that flowers and plants add more to our lives than just colour and vibrancy. Flowers and plants trigger an emotional response. We are driven by a desire to enable everyone to experience the feeling of floral happiness: consumers, the planet, our partners and our colleagues. Floral happiness is for everyone!

We are more aware than ever that our world is changing at a rapid pace. And that’s exactly the reason why we strive to proactively offer complete solutions to our clients and continuously surprise our customers with unique and sustainable concepts, so they can keep enjoying that feeling of floral happiness. We are driven to bring floral happiness...

...to our consumers

Backed by our knowledge of both the consumer marketplace and the entire supply chain, we offer a positive experience to our clients. With our many years of know-how and experience, we are able to inform and advise clients on a range of products suitable for them that offer the right quality at the best possible price.

...to our partners

Together with our partners, we constantly keep improving, and we guarantee operational excellence. We work as a team, we listen to one another, and as a result, we deliver growth and development for the entire supply chain. 

...to our colleagues

Our employees are the cornerstone of our company. Employees at Van Dijk Flora all share a passion for floral happiness: they are innovative and highly driven to offer complete solutions to our partners and clients. Employees work for Van Dijk Flora because we offer an inspirational working environment in which they can achieve their full potential.

...to our planet

Over the coming years, the challenge for the floriculture supply chain is to keep growing within the limits of our planet. Van Dijk Flora strongly believes that through sustainable solutions, our innovative horticulture sector will allow everyone to share in the joy and energy that flowers and plants bring.