Our contribution to biodiversity

Our contribution to biodiversity

We are committed to biodiversity

Whether we’re talking about the water in drainage channels, green verges with or without flowers or a green residential district: biodiversity is all about the diversity of life on our planet. Within our sector, we’re contributing to the biodiversity we see in our daily lives. And with that comes a responsibility to protect the environment we live in. With that in mind, we’re looking at the environmental impact of crop protection products, for example, and we’re working on ways to reduce our reliance on them. By reducing the amount of chemical crop protection products we use while growing our flowers and plants, we’re significantly reducing the impact these products have, and we’re contributing to biodiversity on our planet.

Green crop protection products

Many of our partners are already working with natural “enemies” or “green” crop protection products to replace traditional crop protection products. We know this because Van Dijk Flora has a large share of its flowers and plants tested for the presence of crop protection products before shipping. We’re seeing more and more green crop protection products being used, which are of course less detrimental to the environment. And as a result, we’re genuinely seeing the environmental impact of crop protection products come down.

On top of that, Van Dijk Flora is SKAL-certified, which means we’re accredited to trade certified organic products. For that reason, we’re working closely with our suppliers to expand our range or organic products.

Our active contributions

To improve biodiversity on our planet, we’re not just looking at the impact of crop protection products. Together with Honey Highway, Dutch Flower Group has created just the right living conditions for bees in the immediate surroundings of its businesses by building so-called “honey highways”. These highways criss-cross the whole of the Netherlands, including the “flower auction route” in Westland. Van Dijk Flora has actively contributed to this scheme. Our employees are also always more than happy to head out and plant plants and hedges near our premises to increase biodiversity. In 2022, we also started doing so for the first time in the residential areas around where we are based, in partnership with local wellbeing organisation Vitis.