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Open up to grow

“We aim to make everything as easy as
possible for our end customers, with
advice and sales of flowers and plants.”
That’s the goal that still inspires us every
day, after 45 years. We believe that
transparent partnership with our supply
chain partners leads to sustainable
growth and profit for us all.

By streamlining and organising the entire
process, from sourcing to delivery, we
strive to achieve growth – not only for our
large retail customers but also for the
growers and suppliers who make our
work possible. That’s why our promise is: “OPEN UP TO GROW”.

Navigation in
flowers and plants

We believe that the success of our
customers comes from much more than
just the lowest price. With our extensive
knowledge of all aspects of the market,
we’re in the perfect position to explore,
inform and advise on the right selection
at the right time. Growers are naturally

important partners for us in this
process. We’re proud of our ability to
match supply and demand, and to deliver
a complete range of flowers and plants.
We endeavour to ensure maximum customer
satisfaction and help our partners on the way
to success.

Working together 
in partnership

We trust in the power of true partnerships:
together you can achieve much more.
Long-term relationships are crucial in this
respect, because they enable you to truly
know each other and to invest in each
other. For us, partnership also means being
open and transparent with each other.

Creating good things together, but also in
looking together at what could go even better.
We keep the lines of communication open
for our partners and like them to do the
same for us. We believe that strong links
make the whole chain stronger.

We say what we do
and do what we say

In a successful relationship you can trust each other implicitly. Sharing information throughout the entire process is essential in this, so that you both know what the other wants and can both operate optimally. We aim to be a reliable
professional partner for our customers, through loyalty, precision and an open approach to business. 

We are part of the Dutch Flower Group, a close-knit family company and the largest supplier of flowers and plants worldwide. Large- scale operations offer us many opportunities to invest in knowledge, innovation and sustainable growth. Together we are an important partner in sourcing and procurement, and have a very strong
financial basis. 

Thinking outside the box gives
inspiration and motivation

We expect to see an enterprising approach
in everyone who works at, with or for
Van Dijk Flora. Always viewing situations from
the customer’s perspective and exploring
whether anything can be done even better.
We’re constantly searching for new ways to
organise the whole process, from sourcing

to delivery. We want to stay at the front of
the field, and we set the bar very high for
ourselves. So that we can keep things
simple for our customers, and help them
achieve growth and profit. We ourselves
are open to growth and also like to inspire
this in our partners:

Working at Van Dijk Flora

We want to offer our employees a fun and sustainable working place for now and in the future. We believe in personal development. Our pay-off is Open Up To Grow in which we believe. Our working atmosphere is inspiring and informal and our employees are professional, enterprising and like to work together. 

Do you share our ambitions ? Do not hesitate to apply to our vacancies.


Straatnaam 12
2000 AB  Rotterdam, ZH

010-123 4567